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    Mitra Forouzesh Behnam

    After my two older children started college, I have blessed again in 1998, giving birth to my third child. I knew tens of thousands of children don’t have our kids’ luxury. After my last child in my heart, I felt that I must go out and make a difference in the world by joining the charity to help needy children.


    I did a joint nonprofit organization to help underprivileged children in disadvantaged areas! Then I realized my satisfaction is not just donating; happiness comes from knowing personal vision comes within.


    My unique idea was to lead an organization to pursue my dream, which was to smile on other children’s faces in the dark area of poverty.

    As Roya said: All the love makes this organization vital and keeps the organization going like a powerful atomic energy source.

    It is a sad world when so many of the future population are going hungry and cold, with no health care, lack of proper education, and dying of no medical aid. 


    In the meantime, dreaming of helping needy children, I faced the most challenging circumstance in my life, dealing with my dear baby sister’s cancer. After I lost her, I realized how much she impacted my life. I remember her loving words that encouraged me to pursue my dream! I remember over and over, and my sister was telling me, “When I get a cure from cancer, I will establish an organization to help others.”


    In the Farsi language, the word “ROYA” means dream! It was “ROYA” s dream and wished to help children in need.


    Therefore, I was given birth to the Roya foundation in 2015 to pursue Roya’s dream and continue Roya’s wish to break the cycle of poverty. The child should have the opportunity to go to school and learn through quality primary education.  

     Roya Foundation (International Alliance to Assist Children) is dedicated to my sister Roya Forouzesh who was died of cancer on July 17, 2008


    Roya’s wish was to provide humanitarian, educational assistance, healthcare, and medical aids to needy and poor children. Help expand schools, orphanages, urgent care, and hospitals to facilitate needy children better.


    One of Roya’s wishes was to help cancer patients give them hope that not necessary everybody died.

    Our Prestige awards and successfull projects

    Humanitarian. Activities

    Iran Earthquake Fund,
    Helping Flood Victims,
    Hunger Relief,
    Back to School, Backpack Drive

    Children Education. Services

    Intl Alliance to Assist Children,
    Primary Schools Roya Forouzesh,
    Ahmad-abad 3 Classroom School,
    Library in Maleki Village,
    مدارس رويا در ايران

    Children Cancer Center. Services and Helps

    Serving children and ,
    their families who are,
    battling cancer or ,
    chronic blood disorders.

    US Projects. Activities

    Fundraising to Fight COVID-19,
    Donating PPE to TCCC for Homeless,
    Advocacy for Youth Homelessness,
    Free Laptops for Youth Homelessness.

    International Alliance To Assist Children!