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    About Roya Foundation

    The mission of the Roya Foundation is to provide humanitarian, educational assistance, and medical aid to disadvantaged children. Provide aid in the expansion of schools, orphanages, and hospitals towards the betterment of the lives of children globally.
    Our mission includes the areas of:

    ✅ Health and Medical

    ✅ Education and technology

    ✅ Empowerment

    ✅ Community building

    At Roya Foundation was founded in the United States in 2015 for the purpose of providing means towards improving the lives of underprivileged and under-served children.
    By having obtained permission from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Roya Foundation intends to build schools in underserved areas of Iran. The main purpose is to help provide the children with a well-equipped, safe, and nurturing educational environment enabling them to thrive as healthy and productive adults.

    The Child Shall Have The Right To Adequate Nutrition, Housing, Recreation, Education, And Medical Service.

    Our Prestige awards and successfull projects

    Humanitarian. Activities

    Iran Earthquake Fund,
    Helping Flood Victims,
    Hunger Relief,
    Back to School, Backpack Drive

    Children Education. Services

    Intl Alliance to Assist Children,
    Primary Schools Roya Forouzesh,
    Ahmad-abad 3 Classroom School,
    Library in Maleki Village,
    مدارس رويا در ايران

    Children Cancer Center. Services and Helps

    Serving children and ,
    their families who are,
    battling cancer or ,
    chronic blood disorders.

    US Projects. Activities

    Fundraising to Fight COVID-19,
    Donating PPE to TCCC for Homeless,
    Advocacy for Youth Homelessness,
    Free Laptops for Youth Homelessness.

    International Alliance To Assist Children!