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    Free Laptops for Youth Homelessness

    The “Digital Divide” is a concept that refers to the gap between people who have access to technology and the internet and those who do not. This gap prevents disadvantaged and low-income people from attaining the same opportunities as everyone else. It is a barrier to equality. For children, access to technology is essential for their education. Many students as early as 1st grade is required to do homework online. With the Coronavirus pandemic, the digital divide has become even more detrimental to education. For children experiencing homelessness and low-income, these problems are only compounded.

    In response to this great need, Roya Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides international humanitarian relief and educational assistance has started a program to provide laptops and as need internet access to needy Children.

    Founder and CEO of Roya Foundation Mitra Behnam and her team have been raising funds in private donations for this project. The laptops/chrome books are certified refurbished Dell Chromebooks, HP Chromebooks, and Samsung Chromebooks. The first round of these computers distributed on August 13, 2020, to homeless & Low-income students free of charge and they are theirs to keep, not loaned. Roya Foundation has been working with Tracy Unified School District’s Prevention Services Department to identify and refer to homeless and low-income families, but anyone who is eligible is invited to apply.

    To be eligible, applicants must be homeless (this includes couch surfing, staying with a friend or relative, in a motel or shelter, living in a vehicle, or otherwise without a regular place or residence), or low-income by HHS poverty guidelines which published in the Federal Register, and be caring for a student grade K-12 or college. Homeless youth up to age 21 who are enrolled in college, vocational school, or other types of higher education are also eligible.

    Roya Foundation is seeking donors with a desire to help the most vulnerable
    children in our community. Please contact us today to donate.
    I am a mother of 4 with very low income. I work full time, but I live paycheck to paycheck. There is nothing left to save. When the schools closed because of COVID-19, I did not know what I was going to do. I could not afford to buy a computer. If you do not have a computer, you could get the homework packets from the schools, but I could not always get off work to go to the schools on the designated pick-up and drop-off days. Plus, all the teachers were doing Zoom meetings, but how do they expect the kids without computers to participate in those? By phone? My kids do not have smartphones and I take my phone to work with me, obviously. So now my kids do not get any face-to-face time with their teachers, they do not get the same kind of instruction that they would online, they do not get feedback on the work they turn in. It is unfair. My kids cannot learn without a computer. I am so grateful for Mitra Behnam and the Roya Foundation. What they are doing is so important. I think everyone needs to be aware of what it is like for families like mine, and I hope more people will help Mitra so she can buy more laptops for needy kids. Because I guarantee there is a lot more than just 100 kids in Tracy going through the same thing I am.

    To Make A Donation Of Any Amount Or A Recurring Monthly Donation, Securely Online, Please Click On The Donate Link Below.
    — Roya Foundation