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    Library in Maleki Village

    From the city of Sarab Abad
    In the middle of the Sanandaj-Marivan way

    … Roya smiled

    The three-class school of Ahmadabad village, located in the village of Sarv Abad, which ran across the valley and the Sanandaj-Marivan route, is a reminder of Roya. The beautiful view of the village on natural peaks does not indicate poverty.

    Dabhtabeh Ahmadabad was rich and beautiful, but there was some deprivation in life. The former ruined village still showed off alongside the new school and looked at the profound difference that this new school in the village and the environment created for its passionate kids. With eyes open colorful costumes and the faces of eager children for a long time, It would remind me when I felt that Roya would look from the top of one of those lofty heights and smiles.

    The same familiar smile her name on the wall of this school will last, as her love in our hearth.

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