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Together, Let's Make a Better World for Our Children!

Roya Foundation International Alliance to Assist Children was established in honor and memory of Roya Forouzesh. Always active in the community and committed to serving others, after attaining her BA in Business and following a successful career in Silicon Valley, Roya discovered her true passion - humanitarian work- primarily focused on helping impoverished children, particularly those in need of medical assistance. She received her MS in Psychology and became a Family, Marriage, and Child Counselor.

In September 2006, Roya received a diagnosis of multiple myeloma, sometimes referred to as cancer of the bone marrow. The disease attacks mature plasma cells in the bone marrow causing bone pain and fractures, fatigue, nausea, frequent infections, and other symptoms. On July 17, 2008, at the young age of 46, Roya Forouzesh lost her two-year battle with cancer. On the night of her passing, after witnessing her sister's diagnosis and painful journey, Roya's sister, Mitra, promised to continue her legacy of humanitarian work.

Roya Foundation’s calling is to serve the underserved. Founders, Roya and Mitra, are passionate about providing educational and medical assistance to indigent children worldwide. Roya Foundation works to build schools, cancer treatment centers, and hospitals, providing children with the basic care and necessities they otherwise lack access to.

About Our Namesake:

The Roya Foundation was established in honor of Roya Forouzesh and her passion to provide humanitarian, educational, and medical assistance to children.

Roya Forouzesh was born in Tehran, Iran, and immigrated to the United States in June of 1977 at the age of 17 in pursuit of higher education. Following her graduation from San Jose State University, where she earned a BA in Business, Roya began working for technology companies in Silicon Valley while studying for her master’s degree in management.

In 1994 Roya realized that her passion was serving others, particularly those living in poverty. She wanted to become a humanitarian leader. Roya decided to return to school to pursue MS in Psychology. After graduating in 1997, she became a Family, Marriage, and Child Counselor (FMCC). Roya was working towards her Ph.D. when she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in September 2006. Roya fought cancer for two years before losing her battle with it on July 17. 2008.

Roya was always active in her community and was there when others needed help. While fighting her illness, Roya researched dream interpretation (for more information see: (

In 2008 the CERI organization established its youth services program: Reviving Our Youths’ Aspirations (ROYA), named in memory of Roya, recognizing her as a supporter of the clinic and a counselor who passionately worked with at-risk youth and their families. ROYA offers intervention programs designed specifically for teens and young adults. The purpose of the ROYA program is to promote resiliency, help youth develop their full potential, and train our future leaders.

In the Farsi language, the word “ROYA” means dream! It was “ROYA” s dream and wished to help children in need.

About Founder

In my heart, I knew tens of thousands of children don’t have our kids’ luxuries, and I felt that I must go out and make a difference in the world by joining a charity to help needy children. I did joint nonprofit organizations to help underprivileged children in disadvantaged areas! Then I realized my satisfaction is not just volunteering or donating; happiness comes from knowing personal vision comes within. My unique idea was to lead an organization to pursue my dream, which was to put smiles on children’s faces in the dark area of poverty.

In the meantime, dreaming of helping needy children, I faced the most challenging circumstance in my life, dealing with my dear baby sister’s cancer. After I lost her, I realized how much she impacted my life. I remember her loving words that encouraged me to pursue my dream! I remember over and over, my sister was telling me, “When I get a cure for cancer, I will establish an organization to help others.”

It is a sad world when so many of the future population are going hungry and cold, with no health care, lack of proper education, and dying of no necessary medical aid.

Therefore, I was given birth to the Roya foundation in 2015 to pursue Roya’s dream and continue Roya’s wish to help cancer patients give them hope that not necessarily everybody died, and help the child to have the opportunity to go to school and learn through quality primary education.

As Roya said: All the love makes this organization vital and keeps the organization going like a powerful atomic energy source.